About Me

My name is Farja. 

(Pronounced f ah r - y ah and derived from the word “ferry” in Swedish and “caravan” in Bengali/Indian/Parsi origin). 

I'm a solo traveling artist, musician, and multi-instrumentalist who paints performs, and roams the planet for life. I've lived in over 7 countries around the world - Bangladesh, Thailand, UK, Australia, Sweden, Poland, and Spain. 

My journey in art and music is an expression of momentum and passion I pick up from all my travels and adventures, intuition and life vibes, nature and the universe with a touch of imagination and psychedelia. 

I compose music, write lyrics, and perform. I have performed with a number of underground bands and musical groups ever since the beginning of my journey.


Mixed mediums - Acrylic, Charcoal, Pen, Pencil, Digital media


Producing, composing tunes and performing alongside doing covers and songs. She works solo and collaborates with music producers, bands and other musicians around the world. 

Genre: Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental, Mixed Genre - Metal, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco, Darkwave, Fusion

Instruments - Vocals, piano, synthesiser, guitar, harmonium, cajon, tabla, flute, didgeridoo 


Exposición Colectiva - 
Málaga, Spain 

2020 Farja Meets The Astronomads Performance and Exhibition, Jatra Biroti - Dhaka Bangladesh
2019  East Meets West, Cafe Gig, Arch’s Kitchen - London, UK
2019  Art Terry and the Sex Madness Orchestra - Sid Gold’s Request Room - Manhattan, New York, USA  
2019  Art Terry and the Sex Madness Orchestra - Resonance FM Radio Concert - London, UK
2019 Art Terry and the Sex Madness Orchestra - Servant Jazz Quarters, Shoreditch - London, UK 
2018 Blues Performance, Harris Jazz Bar - Kraków, Poland
2018 London Fashion Week Pop Up Performance and Exhibition - London, UK
2017 Afro-Caribbean Dental Association Charity Concert - London, UK
2017 This is Not Art - Travelling Exhibition - Rotterdam & Hague, Netherlands
2017 This is Not Art - Travelling Exhibition - Vicenza, Italy
2016 Matt Preston Concert, Le Meridien Hotel - Dhaka, Bangladesh

2015 - Performance with Chaffee & Open Mic - Dutch Club Bangladesh

2015 LPM Live Performer's Meeting - Rome, Italy

2015 - Performance with Chaffee - Tea Stall  - Dhaka, Bangladesh 

2014 Guest performance with Dominion - El Rio - San Francisco, USA

2013 Blues Concert, The Westin - Dhaka, Bangladesh

2012 Gospel Concert for the Athletes - Stockholm, Sweden

2012 MIDEM - Marché International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale - Nice & Cannes, France
2009 - 2012 Open Blues Jamming Performance,  Wiströms - Stockholm, Sweden

2003 - 2008 - Frontperson and founder of the first Gothic Operatic/Symphonic Metal band of Bangladesh - Druids.

Performances with Druids, Druids vs Dethrow, Arcane Dreams, DNA, Eclipse & Raaga 
- Dhaka, Bangladesh
2004 - University of Adelaide, Open Exhibition - Adelaide, Australia
2000 - Performances with Nemesis as a founding member - Dhaka Bangladesh


KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Masters of Science in Urban Planning & Design

University of Adelaide, South Australia
Bachelor of Design Studies (Architecture)